With coming home from VMworld, I got inspired to finally do what I have meant to do for awhile — separate my eclectic blog.  I have seen the problem for awhile that while my URL for this blog features network administration and virtualization the actual blog does not.  It used to until my Youtube career or . . . → Read More: Changes


VMware and IBM xSeries 3850 M2 Support Tickets

I have had two recent support tickets that just exhibit the state of coding in the networking world. The first one is in the case of VMware. We were getting this error message ever since upgrading to ESX 3.5 Update 2 from 3.0.2. The error message was “Unable to apply DRS resource settings on host (Reason: . . . → Read More: VMware and IBM xSeries 3850 M2 Support Tickets


Potpourri Update

It’s been awhile since I have posted anything on my blog. As I said to Jimmy Moore, the reduced sunshine, early sunsets, and everything that imples (like no opportunity to workout outside after work) saps a lot of the energy to do the extra stuff. Rest assured though, I haven’t lost the low carb energy or . . . → Read More: Potpourri Update


2007 Budget Time – Year of Virtualization

I have been able to put into place a pretty successful first run at a virtual infrastructure. I have convinced management enough to virtualize the entire test/ development/ sand box/ limited QA (shhhh) environment on to our first ESX boxes. We currently have implemented around 90 virtual machines on our 6 ESX servers. Has it always . . . → Read More: 2007 Budget Time – Year of Virtualization


Done with Training – on with Server tasks

Today marked the third full week that I made it back from training. A lot has happened in that three weeks, such as a pipe letting go ruining the hardwood floors in my kitchen and dining room and my old computer finally giving up the ghost. I have since replaced the computer with a new one . . . → Read More: Done with Training – on with Server tasks


Patching is not a Windows only activity

As mentioned, we are in the midst of VMware ESX patching activity. In addition to those activities, we were hit with an abend today on the Netware 6.5 SP3. It was a spinlock issue similar to one mentioned in this support TID. It is of course fixed with an updated hotfix for syscalls.nlm. . . . → Read More: Patching is not a Windows only activity


Managing Server Team documentation

We are quagmired in documentation right now. Documenation in different formats, multiple locations, and simply lost is one of daily concerns. One area specifically ailing is the server documentation. We have close to 400 servers, and every time a new server comes up we are supposed to update 3 or 4 different locations: . . . → Read More: Managing Server Team documentation


Goal! and Life in general

A number of things have happened since the last time I blogged.

First, I made my weightloss goal last weekend. I finally feel like a confirmed weight loss success story being down 190 pounds on Atkins, and over 205 pounds overall. It might have taken me 15 months to do it, but it was worth . . . → Read More: Goal! and Life in general


IBM Server Woes

I last wrote a faiirly positive article about IBM xSeries servers. One of the highlights was
1. Product Consistency – From other Gateway customers experience, Gateway servers have little product or internal part consistency within the same model.

Unfortunately I may have to retract all those positive comments due to recent experiences with memory in a . . . → Read More: IBM Server Woes


Gateway 955 vs. IBM xSeries 335 Server line comparison

I was tasked recently with comparing our main server line, the low-end “pizza box” server — IBM xSeries 335.

Gateway 955

2x Intel XEON 3.2 gHz1024 PC2100 (2x512MB)2×73 GB 15k Ultra320LSI 2 Channel RAID (integrated)3 YR, 3yr/4hour on-site 7×24Dual 10/100/1000 integrated NIC’s2 PCI-X slotsFixed Rail Kit includedGateway Manager – aka LANDeskRaritan KVM – $160$5327

IBM xSeries 335

2x Intel XEON . . . → Read More: Gateway 955 vs. IBM xSeries 335 Server line comparison