With coming home from VMworld, I got inspired to finally do what I have meant to do for awhile — separate my eclectic blog.  I have seen the problem for awhile that while my URL for this blog features network administration and virtualization the actual blog does not.  It used to until my Youtube career or . . . → Read More: Changes


CommVault Galaxy and Netware Clusters – the trials of Backup software

The Pros and Cons of Tape Backup Solutions (NetWare)

Rick D. wrote: How about a “thread” on Tape backup solutions? I would be very interested to find out what other “Admins” out there are using. Come see what we’ve got so far, and add your two bits.

We are in the midst of a major Commvault rollout.  It . . . → Read More: CommVault Galaxy and Netware Clusters – the trials of Backup software


Nterprise blogger – interesting insights inside

Jawaad’s Blog

1. Creating comprehensive migration tools to assist people in moving from NetWare and Windows to Linux. This would serve us better in migrating people to Linux instead of shipping OES. The problem with OES is that NetWare is also a part of it and shipping a new release around that means a longer commitment in . . . → Read More: Nterprise blogger – interesting insights inside


Good link: another Netware sysadmin blog

Definitely one for the blogroll – I happened upon another Netware sysadmin blogger through my Feedster Netware search.
Novell’s Open Enterprise Server (a.k.a. Netware 7) will have NSS volumes for both the Netware kernel and the Linux kernel. This is cool, since NSS allows expansion of the volume and I believe efs3 doesn’t.

In the words of an . . . → Read More: Good link: another Netware sysadmin blog


Grrr – I hate browser incompatibilities – the dark side of Imanager 2.0.2

I have switched long ago to using Mozilla then Phoenix then Firebird then Firefox. I keep running into impediments to that preference, namely networking application web tools. First, it was NAI’s Magic Helpdesk site that kept drawing me into IE. Now I have another reason to favor Internet Explorer, Novell’s Imanager management website. . . . → Read More: Grrr – I hate browser incompatibilities – the dark side of Imanager 2.0.2


Novell dumping the Netware brand

Novell moves beyond NetWare
However, NetWare 6.5 will indeed be the last operating system that customers can buy under that brand name. And Novell’s next-generation operating system – Open Enterprise Server (OES), which includes NetWare and Linux kernels – will represent a radical departure from the NetWare that has been an industry staple for 20 years.

I must . . . → Read More: Novell dumping the Netware brand


Brainshare Day 4: I think I have been brainstuffed

After a semi-grueling day of 6 sessions (raising the week total to 18 sessions attended), I am much more confident with Imanager and Identity Manager 2 (IdM2) future implementations. TUT265 Troubleshooting IdM2 delved in what methodology Novell’s worldwide support is using to resolve customer’s issues. Things like debug level 3 is the level . . . → Read More: Brainshare Day 4: I think I have been brainstuffed


Brainshare Day 3

My class schedule for the day:

Hands On: Implementing Identity Manager 2

Novell iManager Advanced Configuration

Building Nterprise Deployment Using Netware 6.5

All three classes were very good. Particularly interesting were the new deployment strategies for Netware 6.5 especially for blade servers. Only having USB CD-ROM drives played havoc with the normal Netware install — perhaps because they . . . → Read More: Brainshare Day 3


Wednesday Keynote

IBM manager of Linux released a number of new statistics showing hockey stick growth. The Zenworks team also demo’ed the Patchlink product as well – too bad they are 6 months for us. I am testing SharpMT pocket due to the poor internet at the hotel, so forgive . . . → Read More: Wednesday Keynote


Kepler "Eve" project

Interesting disclosure:
The Destiny project now has an actual product being developed out of it. It is called the Kepler project, affectionately called “Eve: ADAM killer” by the strategic archietect for Destiny Project. It is to fill the role that ADAM (Microsoft’s application Active Directory) also supposed fill. I think the movement . . . → Read More: Kepler "Eve" project