Potpourri Update

It’s been awhile since I have posted anything on my blog. As I said to Jimmy Moore, the reduced sunshine, early sunsets, and everything that imples (like no opportunity to workout outside after work) saps a lot of the energy to do the extra stuff. Rest assured though, I haven’t lost the low carb energy or . . . → Read More: Potpourri Update


VI3 VCP: VCP310 passed!

After 3 weeks of studying of reading and re-reading the product manuals, I passed my VCP310 test today! The required passing score is 70 out of 100 grading scale. After a prolonged trip to the printer twilight zone, which caused me even more anxiety that I would have to do it again, I discovered I . . . → Read More: VI3 VCP: VCP310 passed!


Virtualization Infrastructure – ESX3 Gotchas – Updated

This post will be a running list and commentary of my company’s foray with Virtual Infrastructure & ESX 3. We currently have only upgraded (actually fresh install) one of VMTN boxes to version 3, so we can start to get accustomed to all the changes. It has not been all cherries, and we have ran into . . . → Read More: Virtualization Infrastructure – ESX3 Gotchas – Updated


VMworld thoughts

It is almost a foregone conclusion that I will not be going to VMworld this year in November. The budget is not there for two conferences for me this year. Since I already attended TechEd, my team lead does not think he can swing another one for me. I made sure at least one person on . . . → Read More: VMworld thoughts


2007 Budget Time – Year of Virtualization

I have been able to put into place a pretty successful first run at a virtual infrastructure. I have convinced management enough to virtualize the entire test/ development/ sand box/ limited QA (shhhh) environment on to our first ESX boxes. We currently have implemented around 90 virtual machines on our 6 ESX servers. Has it always . . . → Read More: 2007 Budget Time – Year of Virtualization


"VMware customers looking for alternatives? response

From Virtualization.info:


Last week we participated in TechEd 2006. We had a double booth in the Expo area – probably you saw us if you attended. We talked (and listened) to A LOT of people, and here is the summary of our observations:

· A lot more people are using . . . → Read More: "VMware customers looking for alternatives? response


While I was away – cool new VMware-related products

This is probably old news to everybody reading, but it is news to me.

Ultimate P2V product looks like a good alternative to “for pay” alternatives. Created by Qui Hong, Chris Huss and Mike Laverick, “Ultimate-P2V (fix-vmscsi) is a free plug-in that allows you to clone a physical machine to virtual machine – and perform the neccessary . . . → Read More: While I was away – cool new VMware-related products


VMBK Updated 2.22.0 R5

On top of all VMware security releases which were released last week, VMBK Version 2.22.0 R5 was just released yesterday.
Version 2.22.0
* fix a problem with ftp timeout parameter(tkx Neustifter Jürgen)
* add show elapsed time between proccess backup
* add Veritas Netbackup support (add new . . . → Read More: VMBK Updated 2.22.0 R5


Reducing the size of distributable VM's

VMs usually have the problem of being the same size as a bloated physical install, thus it makes the size a little unweildy for distribution.

With a goal of having a VM as an application framework, the footprint should be as small as possible. So here is a step by step method for reducing the amount of . . . → Read More: Reducing the size of distributable VM's


VMware ESX Servers and Websphere virtual machines

One of our primary application server infrastructure models where I work is Websphere. In the last 12 months, we have seen the environment double or triple in size as we not only have Test, QA, and Production, but now have added a Sandbox and Parallel Development servers. Ever see the IBM server commercial where . . . → Read More: VMware ESX Servers and Websphere virtual machines