With coming home from VMworld, I got inspired to finally do what I have meant to do for awhile — separate my eclectic blog.  I have seen the problem for awhile that while my URL for this blog features network administration and virtualization the actual blog does not.  It used to until my Youtube career or . . . → Read More: Changes


Potpourri Update

It’s been awhile since I have posted anything on my blog. As I said to Jimmy Moore, the reduced sunshine, early sunsets, and everything that imples (like no opportunity to workout outside after work) saps a lot of the energy to do the extra stuff. Rest assured though, I haven’t lost the low carb energy or . . . → Read More: Potpourri Update


Atkins Diet & Exercise: It's Non-Negotiable (Part 1)

In this video, I deal with the misconception of exercise and the low carb lifestyle and my recommendations on whether or not to start exercise while doing the initial 14-Day Induction. My recommendation will probably be surprising to some especially considering my current commitment to exercise. It is probably a response to being a super-heavyweight loser . . . → Read More: Atkins Diet & Exercise: It's Non-Negotiable (Part 1)


Cheating: Is it inevitable

I am not entirely happy with this video. I had crashes and technical difficulties the other two times I recorded it, so I wanted to upload this one at least.

This video is in response to cynics saying you can’t live a life without cheating or that it is unrealistic to expect that. That surely one can . . . → Read More: Cheating: Is it inevitable


Atkins Diet Video: Accountability…

aka “Temptation, Visualization, Success… Oh My! (Part 2)”

This video is the second in the Temptation Resistance series. Accountability is probably one of the most helpful suggestions I have for new dieters. Being accountable to oneself and to others absolutely helps fight the temptations. I was so much less likely to go off plan when I knew . . . → Read More: Atkins Diet Video: Accountability…


Atkins Diet Induction Flu: Signs of Problems or Progress

It is very common that I read questions or statements from new Atkineers saying, “How come I feel so tired?” “Why do I have such a headache?” “I have no energy what is this diet doing to me!” One of the problems is no one forewarned them about Induction flu. Induction flu is simply the body . . . → Read More: Atkins Diet Induction Flu: Signs of Problems or Progress


Atkins Diet Questions: Loose Skin

** Graphic Display of loose skin around my stomach near the end — Viewers may want to ensure a bag is available **

Today’s episode I deal with the one of the most common questions people ask me after hearing of my 200 pound weight loss. That is, “do you have much problems with loose skin?” In . . . → Read More: Atkins Diet Questions: Loose Skin


Atkins Diet Recipes: Mock Danish

I did my first low carb cooking demonstration and show the world the wonders of the mock danish. Mock danishes were one of the new comfort foods that I learned how to cook and was used to kill cravings that threatened the diet early on. Some qualifications for Kent’s comfort foods were it had to be . . . → Read More: Atkins Diet Recipes: Mock Danish


Atkins Induction Video: Acceptable Foods List — The Good, The Bad, and the Pork Rinds

In this video, I detail the Acceptable Foods for Atkins Induction and Extended Induction phase and personal advice on how to have a successful Induction phase. When I first started this Way of Eating, I’ll admit I took the role of veggies lightly. I was lucky to eat even 2 cups of vegetables per day. I . . . → Read More: Atkins Induction Video: Acceptable Foods List — The Good, The Bad, and the Pork Rinds


How to Do Atkins Induction Video – Part 1

I have produced my first “How to” Atkins video on the Induction rules. It is combination of the rules of Induction from almost everywhere and my perspective on how to be successful. Having a successful Induction phase of Atkins is so much more than just losing weight. It is about getting your eating under your control . . . → Read More: How to Do Atkins Induction Video – Part 1