Buying Minivan down, Selling House to go

Well after a strenous weekend of car shopping and being berated and feeling violated from car salespeople, I accomplished the goal of buying a different vehicle. It got so bad at one dealership and their treatment of my brother Tiny that I left halfway through a deal and simply drove away. By Sunday I . . . → Read More: Buying Minivan down, Selling House to go


Guess no 1998 Expedition for us

Well I think I proved no Expedition for us tonight when the thing was too tall to fit in our garage. Oops. We should receive the check from tomorrow morning. Doing your loans from the Internet is a paranoia-inducing experience, but reviews like found at eases concerns a little. My . . . → Read More: Guess no 1998 Expedition for us


Hi Ho Hi Ho It's car shopping I go…

Well the initial word is rebuilt transmission about our Windstar. There is no way I paying $2k for a car worth $1500-2000 in perfect condition at most. It’s depressing to think we might have another 5 years ahead of us in a non-descript minivan. I did see a really nice 1998 Ford Expedition, . . . → Read More: Hi Ho Hi Ho It's car shopping I go…


Car Troubles

After church this morning, Somber, the kids, and I spent the day going to parks and looking the holy grail, a cordless weed whacker. Our first stop was Ames, where the Wal-mart seemed to be one of the original ones in Iowa. It was badly in need of modernizing, and was in worse shape . . . → Read More: Car Troubles


Took a free day

Feel like I wasted the night last night. Somber and I spent the night post-kids’ bedtime watching an old DVD, Papillion. Papillon was supposedly one of the best Steve McQueen’s movies, but I have to say I was sorely disappointed. Certainly not the movie described here @ the Papillon fan club,

“Papillon is the story of an . . . → Read More: Took a free day


First Post

This is my first attempt at webblogging.

I am not sure where this site is going to go and what it will exactly focus on. Whether it will on Information Security, aspiring to CISSP certification, family life, my attempt to lose around 200 lbs, or an ecletic mess of all them.

Thanks . . . → Read More: First Post