Got a new job! Giving up Security for Windows

This transfer has been in the works for a while. I have taken a position as administrator for Windows servers on the Operations team. Instead of being responsible to setting up security methods, I will be responsible for implementing those security guidelines among other things. One perk, which probably isn’t as bigger a deal anywhere else, is cubicle wall height. It is somewhat nuts how people get over the height of their cubicle walls.

Specialist, Analysts – 4 feet
Administrators – 6′
Directors, Architects, Engineers – 7′
Vice Presidents – enclosed offices
Consultants/Contractors – lucky to have a spot of their own

The reason I agreed to the transfer is my desire to make and build things. Too often being in Security (or Enterprise Information Protection as my department is called) the thing you point to at the end of the day is the creation of a process. Your kids ask what you did today at work, and your answer has to be I analyzed the risk of two new vulnerabilities and rated their severity. How satisfying is that?

I know this is a rather simplistic look at being in Security, but it was feeling I had often. I often wanted to be the person building rather than monitoring things. Redoing the Netware 6 network (securely) was probably where I believe I did the most good. Having the opportunity to do something similar on Windows side probably was what made up my mind. I am sure future entries will be detailing those challenges I have taken on.


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  • Congradulations, I guess. Is it a step up from Novell? Only you know that for sure! ^_^
    If you still have access to the Novell servers, I have a PERL script for Novell that I’d love to get tested on a NW6 machine. It’s for checking disk usage. The best part is, it e-mails the results.

    If you’re interested, drop me a line at ryumaou at sbcglobal dot net.
    Good luck in the new position!

  • Q

    Blah..well, me for one, I’ve already been there, done that. Whatever floats your boat. I pray for good tidings for you my friend. You won’t be moving but a few “cubics” away from me. All-around, it’s better for the company, as long as you don’t go to eworld! I am much more comforted with you going there. Just be prepared for much longer hours and a lot more headache. Now you won’t be able to talk to your kids at all, let alone think you’re going to somehow “let them down”. The question of whether this is a good move for your family is still up in the air, but you wil find out for yourself.

    Me, I always make the move that’s best for my kids, heck I moved to Iowa for family, I had no career here waiting for me. I dunno, that’s my philosophy at this point in my life. And this position fits real well. God luck!

  • Octaveus

    Totally cool. They made a good choice and a very good decision. Your knowledge is needed and Ops and Farm Bureau will be better for this move. You did excellent in security, but you can contribute even more to FB during implementations (can you say AD!) and care and feeding of said systems. We need to do lunch so I can give you a tour of EquiTrust. Congrat’s on the promotion – you deserve it!

  • Thanks for your words of congratulations and warnings, especially you Mr. Q. I do believe you (Q) have an opportunity to be more influential in the coming years in your current position than in Operations, but I couldn’t say the same thing for myself. While I do regret heavily leaving my current department and “the love,” I think being needed somewhere else was greater.

    Plus I am not necessarily leaving the Netware world either by joining the Windows team. Operations is becoming more and more OS agnostic in terms of teams and responsibilities. Having our Windows world (account management, SQL, Zenworks 6, etc.) tied more and more to eDirectory through DirXML, even administrating Windows ties back to Novell.

  • Stu Svenson

    Hey Bowulf, Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! Forward progress. That’s what life is about. You’re gonna kick ass! I wish you the best on your new challenges.