Going to Vegas

Laura and I are going to Vegas baby! We decided to finally take a trip the two of us (actually four of us — my brother Tiny and his wife are going with us) around Laura’s 32nd birthday in April. In the almost 14 years of being married, we haven’t taken very many vacations at all. My definition of a real vacation is one where you drove or flew some distance and stayed for longer than a weekend. The last real vacation would have been have been the summer after my eldest daughter was born about nine years ago. Too often, we moved during the summer months or weren’t in financial position to take a vacation.

I have been the more fortunate of the two of us. I have had many work vacations between National Guard annual trainings in Germany or the recent trip to California. Laura has meanwhile watched my flights leave and come back and watched the kids in my absence. To some extent the trip is more a reward for her sacrifices. (Being married to me is sacrifice enough to warrant the vacation.) What made the trip possible to this frugal dutchman in me though was the tax refund check and the decision to stay in our rental house one more year.


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