Brainshare Day 3

My class schedule for the day:

11:00am TUT105 Hands On: Implementing Identity Manager 2
2:15pm TUT353 Novell iManager Advanced Configuration
3:45pm TUT316 Building Nterprise Deployment Using Netware 6.5

All three classes were very good. Particularly interesting were the new deployment strategies for Netware 6.5 especially for blade servers. Only having USB CD-ROM drives played havoc with the normal Netware install — perhaps because they were still relying on old PC-DOS 7 code in the original 6.5 CD’s. Moving with a bootable ISOLinux seems like one of those common sense decisions you wonder why it didn’t happen long ago. Look at the IBM Server Guide CD for instance, it was using that technology for a few years.

The really cool technology was building a foundation (still alpha phase of development) for imaging Netware servers using PXE and automatically-created response files. More surprising was that it dumps the old technology built in Zenworks Imaging for better or for worse. It still features floppy1.img and floppy2.img, but instead of being a Linux imaging environment, it is DOS Client32 environment to use Portlock or ServerMagic within. This means the days of problems of having to build a RedHat 7.3 system to work with the kernel on the images to add additional drivers should be gone. There is still additional work to be done, and the developer (Kirk Allan) is keenly interested in hearing feedback or suggestions.

The NUI HotLab for Hands On Implementing Identity Manager was good. I hadn’t yet been able to work with NIM2 due to recent upgrades, but getting the taste of updated technology has lit the fire. We have a number of steps to get accomplished (not the least of which is a JVM update), but the light of getting of Account Management 2.1 redirection hell is in sight. If you want to check out the labs, they will eventually be found here by the end of Brainshare.

Schedule for tomorrow:

8:30am TUT265 Troubleshooting Identity Manager2
11:00am TUT193 Blue Lance- Vulnerability Assessment and Auditing
12:30pm TUT354 Deploying iManager: Best Practices
2:00pm TUT355 Deploying, Profiling, Tuning eDirectory for Performance
3:30pm TUT352 Implementing Pasword Management in eDirectory 8.7.1
5:00pm TUT356 Discovery Advanced Features of eDirectory

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