Brainshare Day 4: I think I have been brainstuffed

After a semi-grueling day of 6 sessions (raising the week total to 18 sessions attended), I am much more confident with Imanager and Identity Manager 2 (IdM2) future implementations. TUT265 Troubleshooting IdM2 delved in what methodology Novell’s worldwide support is using to resolve customer’s issues. Things like debug level 3 is the level most support engineers use to solve driver issues or simple troubleshooting procedures should help clear up some of the mystery why things work or not. One of the things I detest about Account Management 2.1 is that when it works it is magic and when it doesn’t it usually any one’s best guess. Novell Identity Manager 2 should be a huge step in the right direction.

Imanager 2.0.x has been a thorn in many administrator’s sides. It has failed seemingly more often in version 2.0.1 than it worked. Worldwide support having to work through those issues has pretty much resolved most of the confusion why it didn’t work. I will sync up most of notes and post them later next week. I am much more confident about the ACL’s and Role Based Service function – and not giving people too many rights by allocating them the role of Iprint administrator.

Talk to the experts was the best informative night yet. Contrary to what I have said previously, the food tonight was very good! Just like an army moves on its stomach, I think people will learn better on tonight’s dishes. Learn I did on the subjects of Linux Clustering using NSS volumes, IdM2, and best of all EmBox and DSBK.nlm. The guy who wrote the code was available tonight to discuss its operation. It cleared up any misconception we might have had and highlighted some issues I was note aware of yet, such as encryption of the file.

Note: this entry was originally wrote on last Thursday night, but due to the flaky Internet connection only appears today.


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