Novell dumping the Netware brand

Novell moves beyond NetWare

However, NetWare 6.5 will indeed be the last operating system that customers can buy under that brand name. And Novell’s next-generation operating system – Open Enterprise Server (OES), which includes NetWare and Linux kernels – will represent a radical departure from the NetWare that has been an industry staple for 20 years.

I must be getting old because these sort of stories do not even get a rise out of me. I was certainly more surprised by hearing the networking people wanted to pursue a Cisco DNS solution (hardware rather than Cisco CNR) again. What a mistake that would be! At the end of the day as a network administrator, I implement whatever my director or CIO wants. Whether it be called Netware, Open Enterprise Server, or gasp Windows 2003, it just doesn’t pay to love an operating system brand anymore than it does a car. Being an OS bigot only brings you disappointment, worse solutions, and perhaps less respect.


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  • I hate to say it, but you’re right. I really used to fight and fight for what I thought was the “right” solution to a problem. Not anymore. Since I’m fairly sure that’s one of the things that cost me my last job, my new motto is “Yes, Boss”. Being right doesn’t put food on the table.
    Still, it stinks that the world works that way.

    Thanks for the Brainshare updates. At least I can live it vicariously through you!

  • Sometimes you just have to appreciate what you have when you have it. Being the in-house Subject Matter Expert (SME or as the other Kent (aka KaptinKirk) calls me jokingly “SME of SME’s”) of both OS’es I might just keep my position if the change happens. If they go Linux instead, well I better start studying. :-)