Grrr – I hate browser incompatibilities – the dark side of Imanager 2.0.2

I have switched long ago to using Mozilla then Phoenix then Firebird then Firefox. I keep running into impediments to that preference, namely networking application web tools. First, it was NAI’s Magic Helpdesk site that kept drawing me into IE. Now I have another reason to favor Internet Explorer, Novell’s Imanager management website. Novell made a number of press releases regarding going to strictly Linux desktops for Brainshare, and by the end of the summer in the case of eating their own dogfood, most of desktops in Novell will be running Linux. Unfortunately, those desktops would be unable to use the new self service password functionality of eDirectory 8.7.3.

Now that I have ruined the solution, I will relay the story. I have been working on our migration plan for Netware 6.5 SP 1.1, and one of our most noticeable changes would be the self-service management of user passwords. I know I could do it Netware 6, but I did not want to go through the pain of JVM and Imanager upgrades since according to others and personal experience upgrades have generally been unsuccessful. I perform the upgrade to our test tree, and everything is successful. The noticeable services all worked (DNS, TSM – Tivoli Storage Manager, DSBK – our NDS backup, IBM Director Agent – although still not certified with Netware 6.5, Trend Server Protect, and LT Auditor+). Being the test system and having just been to Brainshare, I wanted to test and demonstrate the password feature.

I load all the snapins, followed the TIDs (TID10091354 is best), and read the documentation a couple times. I however kept getting this error

Answer Challenge Questions
Error: Task could not be completed.
Error: NMAS could not be reached for operation.

after clicking submit. The challege set and password policy seemed to be working fine (being prompted with the correct questions), but NMAS seemed at fault. I checked NMAS and its installation, but everything seemed fine. I took NMAS DStraces and ran NMASMon, but nothing ever showed up in the trace. In the end, I gave up and called Novell support. The Novell WSS engineer was baffled as well. After sending multiple traces and Imanager debugging xml files, I finally had an idea – what about Internet Explorer. That solved the problem, so at this point, Universal Passwords self-service management is a Windows only feature. Novell has some challenges ahead for itself before Open Enterprise Server arrives.


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  • VoB

    You want irony? Try Novell’s new Incident Management system. They have a new system in place that requires, like magic, IE5.01 or better. My Mozilla didn’t like it, of course. This the company that made a point of NOT having any Windows desktops at Brainshare this year.