Speed Real-Estating

Speed Dating (the process of consecutive 3 minute dates in a party setting) has nothing on my activities today. As I said previously we only have 3 weeks to find a house to avoid extending our lease, with that in mind we spent the day speed real-estating. (self-coined term) Our goal was to see as many new houses today as possible in 4 hours. It was quite evident that even though the prices were nearly the same among the houses that the quality was not. One pathetic house in Ankeny priced well into the $250,000′s had so many evident defects (like every single step in the stairs showing where the carpet was stapled) it was amazing. The best house just happened to be the first one we saw in Polk City. After 20-30 homes and Somber each day we looked at houses saying she had “found the house,” I think we have a somewhat accurate accounting for what is available today in new housing around Des Moines.

Just like speed dating focuses on the surfaces and differences amongst a number of possibles, it might be the best analogy how to make a quick decision on a house.


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