Made an offer

In our continuing housing saga, which has pretty much dominated my thinking lately, we made an offer on what just might be our next house. Talk about trepidation, making an offer or commitment that large is not something I’d want to do often — at least with my own money. We offered asking price for the home with 1% from the seller towards. We also requested the currently unfinished closets be finished not with (perhaps cheap looking) wire shelving but rather laminate wood boards. The builder who had just dropped his price would not consider either.

After much discussion between Laura and I, we decided given our timing that we would meet with the builder and discuss the specs and plans for the rest of the house. Laura is pretty tired of house shopping with the children and wants it over. I have a bit more stamina or perhaps a more idealized view of the next house. In the end I am less concillatory to house deficiencies. Trying to reconcile our two views is a continuing source of much communication. Having a topic so dynamic and thought provoking as moving generates conversations long into the night. One might say I changed the obsession of talking about Atkins, which is going extremely well, for home buying discussions.


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  • “Communication”, yeah. My wife and I had a couple of those looking for our house, too. But, it’ll blow over. Then starts all the “little projects” that you won’t have time or money for at the same time… Ah, the joys of owning your own house.

    Seriously, though, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. There are days when my only consolation is that I don’t share walls with some nut that likes to listen to heavy-metal bagpipe music!

    Hang in there. You’ll find a place.