Search is over – Counter-offer accepted

First, my apologies for a supposedly tech-blog focussing on such mundane issues as new house buying. I could be elaborating on the DNS poisoning and the newly-expired production evaluation SQL version problems I have had the last two nights, but who wants to hear about the mysteries of Windows 2000 DNS servers suddenly asking their forwarders for DNS information and being misled when they do. Back to more important issues, I have accepted the builder’s counter-offer on our house — I really couldn’t blame him after just dropping the house $10,000 the previous weekend. Additionally the same house being currently built in Urbandale with the new construction increases will be $40,000 more. I think I made a good decision to jump when I did – housing will only keep going up with lumber prices where they are. It can only be a housing bubble if there is not a supply and demand reason behind it is my thinking.

It is always a little bit disappointing and a big relief that the search is over. I mean it is like Christmas morning — sure you got just what you wanted (GI Joe with the kung fu grip) but what else might you have gotten. It is not so much buyer’s remorse, but buyer’s regret at perhaps missed opportunities. The process of home-shopping (without kids asking constantly which their room) to me is actually a fun activity perhaps even more then computer or graphics card shopping. Sure one could shop and go open-housing with abosolutely no intention to buy, but that is like gambling with funny money. If there is nothing on the line — like fulfilling the housing requirement for your family in 3 weeks, it is just not the same. I think I made a great choice in builders (Integrity Homes of Ankeny, Iowa), but one can always wonder if there is $50 Porsche deal awaiting to be found.

Until I discover such a deal and have real buyer’s remorse, I look forward to our moving date of June 19. FYI: I have posted new photos of the house at my photoblog that I took during our speed real-estating weekend.


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