Windows 2003 Server SP1: Templates more than just for setup anymore

Microsoft’s SP1 for Server 2003 Packs a Security Punch

The biggest addition due in SP1 is a technology called server roles that can automatically set up security procedures based on server use. With templates that define settings for servers, Windows will be able to lock down Web, mail and FTP servers and other boxes, said officials.

For example, if an administrator is setting up a Windows Server 2003 machine as a mail server, the system could automatically close port 80 and turn off IIS (Internet Information Services) to deny Web traffic and open port 25 to SMTP connections.

These are really positive changes for Microsoft. Using templates to install default NetSh and IPSec filters to block unnecessary TCP traffic seems like one of those common sense, which so often get forgotten. I am interested to see how it reacts to a DC, DNS, clutered SQL Windows 2003 server that defies any template, unless there is a cluster-mess template.


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