Sorry for the lack posts

A combination of working for the new boss and other interests (like losing weight) has contributed to my lack of posts lately. The summer is usually a laissez-faire in terms of studying new technologies and taking on new issues. I do have one post waiting in the wings about Microsoft clustering upon Server 2003 Domain Controllers. I have also taken up a new hobby – biking with my eldest daughter, who appreciates the time with dad. Last night, we biked over 11 miles. One other time consumer lately has been Iowa GOP party and volunteering time for them for IT-related items. For those curious on my weight loss, I am down 83 pounds, but I am still 103 pounds (225#) from goal. Following Atkins has been remarkably simple, but the loss has been slowing down a seeming snail’s crawl (2 pounds per week).


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  • Dude, that’s *normal* weight loss! The drop you were experiencing before was a miracle. Most of the time, you only loose a pound or two a week. It just looks slow in comparison to the other weight loss you had. Congradulations, though, on the 83 pounds lost!

  • Thanks for the reminder – you get so used to every morning seeing something on the scale to point to, and that would make it worth it. (not going out for Chinese, etc.) I know, I know. I want my cake, and eat it too.