I rejoined the Guard

After seven years of being out after ETS’ing in 1998, this past Saturday I rejoined the Iowa National Guard. Specifically, I joined 185th Corps Support Battalion as a 96b, Intel Analyst — quite a difference from the Infantry grunt I played in a former life. I made tape by quite a bit, but I was still over tha max weight by 10 pounds. I am down to 235 and still dropping, albeit slower some weeks than when I first started. It just means there is no resting on my laurels and stopping my near daily cardio and weight lifting. Sit-ups are no problem on the PT tests, my push-ups are close to passing (36 PU’s/ 2 minutes), but my run is slower than it should be. I will definitely start running on a weekly or bi-weekly occurance. I refuse to let what happened last time I was in the Guard happen again.

Here is the current photo:

There will be new ones with uniforms in near future.


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