Goal! and Life in general

A number of things have happened since the last time I blogged.

First, I made my weightloss goal last weekend. I finally feel like a confirmed weight loss success story being down 190 pounds on Atkins, and over 205 pounds overall. It might have taken me 15 months to do it, but it was worth hard work and perserverence to get there. I have uploaded a few of the milestone photos to my Photoblog, which I promise to update soon, and a few more new here at Atkins Diet Bulletin Board photo gallery. I have posted my success story in multiple places and was even on WOI-TV nightly newscast. I am not needless to say polished in front of the camera, but a number of friends saw it.

That brings up the next change. As I mentioned in my last blog entry, I rejoined the Iowa National Guard as an intel analyst (96b). I had my first drill back, and it is funny how much some things change (the whole black beret business, which I personally hate — give me a soft cap any day) and how some things stay the same (weapons and pro- mask cleaning). I am determined to at least stay positive and even if I end after one year, it will be on my terms (PT test passed and not on the fat boys squad). I am getting close to being able to pass the Army PT test without any question. My 2 mile run is still about 15 seconds from passing (17:37) at my age group.

Work has been extremely busy as my current resume can attest. We have lost a few resources either by design or by their choice, which have left the remaining team members extra busy. Our VMware ESX server deployment and hardware server consolidation is progressing by leaps and bounds with currently 40 virtualized servers on our 4 ESX servers. I am pushing to attend VMWorld 2005 this year. We are also in the midst of completing both NT4 remaining member server upgrade project and the Active Directory upgrade project. It is amazing how some mission critical boxes can be so ignored by management for so long. The AD project is an interesting one, which required Netware upgrade to version 6.5 for DNS and iManager upgrades, implementation of NMAS Universal Passwords, and NSure Identity Manager (DirXML) 2 to replace Novell Account Management.


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