Reopening the blog

I am reopening the blog to more routine updates as I realize there is much going on with my life, which I really should be documenting at least for my own memories. Things like my ESX server deployment challenges or our current Active Directory / Nsure Identity Manager(DirXML) 2 project could be interesting reads if just to myself. WIth that and the decision not to follow Six Apart into Typepad software, I have changed the software to WordPress. A new software package is always candy to a network admin’s ear.

To further clarify the blogs reason for being, I have removed the Weightloss out of the title. This is not to say Weightloss and exercise is not still a big factor in my life as I still spend a large number of online hours at Atkins Diet Bulletin Board.. I am just trying to focus the blog a bit more away from just a personal blog.

One further note, I have redone my family’s photoblog with new software, Gallery Going with the leading software seemed like the best way to go since the current solution was so poor and manual in thumbnail creation and photo uploading. It took only months of wasting time with the old system before I eventually wised up.


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