Newest VCP

I decided I couldn’t wait or study any more than I have recently. The study material was the aforementioned VMware ESX Advanced Technical Guide, RTFM VMware study material, and the new Virtual infrastructure Class, my coworker took last week in Des Moines. (I had taken the class in January 2004 on ESX 2.0.1) I rescheduled and took VCP-101V today at 1:30 pm. The exam went quicker than I thought it would, and I finished the 80 question exam in about 50 minutes. The questions were mainly straight-forward, but there were a number of double negative true/false questions and “which of these is least likely to help the problem?” type questions.

I PASSED!! I did best on the questions most relevent to daily operation and administration of an ESX server, scoring 100% in a number of different areas. I did worse on the theoretical questions. As easy as they seem, I scored in 60% and 50% in sections I did not heavily focus upon. I did especially well on the clustering area. What really help with those questions was the material from the class my coworker took. In addition to denoting everything the instructor commented upon twice in class, the instructor handed out a clustering cheatsheet. (Public vs. Shared; None, Virtual, vs. Physical SCSI Adapter) I haven’t implemented 2 ESX box MSCS clustering yet, so for that piece I was happy for whatever study material I could get.

I am pleased to have one more certification paper on my wall. Certification should help two things. First, it proves my commitment to additional education and bettering myself, and second, the cert legitimizes my company’s support structure for ESX server in a more production test/QA environment. It’s funny what a piece of paper does in some people’s head.


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