Patching is not a Windows only activity

As mentioned, we are in the midst of VMware ESX patching activity. In addition to those activities, we were hit with an abend today on the Netware 6.5 SP3. It was a spinlock issue similar to one mentioned in this support TID. It is of course fixed with an updated hotfix for syscalls.nlm. In addition to that patch, we discovered we were vulnerable two other security vulnerabilities with eDirectory and CIFS (Native File Access Services), which also required patches. We also have a DoubleTake patch upgrade project going on for one of our geographic clusters (aka poor man’s no SAN clustering). In the end if you are going to implement anything, it will have to be patched in time. The question comes who does a better job at facilitating its admins with information to do their job. Microsoft for its Windows products (non-Windows products are remarkably different) actually ranks pretty well in releasing and publishing the patch information of any other company out there. Novell seems a bit reticent in comparison burying their information in filefinder webapp.


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