Low Carb in the Army (or at least in Ft. McCoy)

First, I am by no means an expert in this topic yet, so take this post as a work in progress. Heck, I am just trying to do the best possible, and it’s a good thing that I am at Maintenance level of Atkins Diet. Two first observations, if you don’t like eggs (as I don’t), you almost have write breakfast off. The only thing is acceptable is a single sausage patty or a piece of ham (perhaps). They won’t give you a second helping, and you are left looking for something else. I made up this morning with a small piece of melon, but I can’t do that everyday. Every other item was carb-filled goodness – grits, pancakes, syrup, cereal, milk, juice. I have bought some other items to supplement my breakfast like nuts and the like.

The other main meals are much easier to do low carb. The main meals have consistently been unacceptable having an affinity for rice or noodles in each entree so far. The DFAC has a short order line with burgers and sausage, and sandwich line if that even fails. The dressings for the salad bars are amongst some of th highest ones I have seen especially for Ranch, same as the Newmann’s Ranch at McDonald’s (9g per 2TBS). Reduce the portion in half, and it is only high not outrageously high. Laura insists I be less strict with myself, but I am not there yet.

The other thing I have discovered is you might as well hit the gym every night to rid of any extra carbs. To that end, Fort McCoy has an excellent gym with a great Cardio Theater. I am there at night as much as possible after class work is over. Unfortunately, the coursework also has me there MWF@ 5:30am as well. No sweat, but I’ll be missing the sleep. One hour in the gym is enough time to stretch and start working towards that 8k time.

I may have to start sneaking in my own comfort foods to supplement the foods, like Heinz One Carb Kethcup or some good low carb salad dressing. It wouldn’t take much for me to be completely happy with my meal choices, but life is never quite perfect. Oh, one other thing would make life ideal — Cingular access actually within the base! My coverage ends within 2 miles of the base thereby eliminating all my plans of getting Internet acces through my phone. That single fact has contributed to more stress-induced nut eating in the last two days than anything else. There is just something about being so disconnected to a network admin.

The silver lining is that no MRE’s or field time are in my future, so I really don’t have it bad. It could always be worse — in some cases much, much worse.


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  • Hey Bubba! Just read your most recent post. Sure sure, you SAY you don’t get phone access at the base, but is it
    just a clever ploy to not have to help at work?! Just kiddin. Hope all goes great for ya, keep in touch. :)

  • [...] As for my diet, I have been working out at least once daily — twice when we have organized PT. I am running about 3-6 miles every day. A huge motivator is the only time I get to watch what I want to on television is in the cardio theater. If the Army had wireless internet access in the gym, I might never leave. I am also eating what I can right. My typical day is skipping the Dining Facility (DFAC) carb-laden breakfast (having a beef stick, nuts, and/or sausage at my bunk) then for lunch and dinner of 2 hamburgers (no buns, with cheese, lettuce, jalapenos) with either veggie choice or a lettuce salad. While not as good as what I might eat at home, I am certainly figuring out the secret to eating low carb at the Army DFAC. I thought for sure the combination 8 hours in front of the computer and the nuts would have been detrimental to the cause. However, I am down over 4 pounds, which brings the total lost to over 211 pounds. [...]

  • [...] It is somewhat amazing how fast the old routines return even though I was gone for 6 weeks. At training, I was up before the sun each and every day. Now, I have returned to my 7:15 am wakeups and my late nights. I haven’t lost the workout urges and am still running generally once per day (approx 3 miles). I need however to increase my base amount of miles. I am going to run an 8k or 5 mile race in the beginning of April. My eating has returned to the low carb variety I craved while I was gone. At training, I ate low carb, but it was flavorless, uninspired low carb. As a result, I lost an addition 5 pounds, arriving home at a sveldt 216. [...]