I work for a great company…

I wanted to post something that I felt has to be said. They changed their policy to completely fund the difference between my salary and National Guard pay while away at National Guard training. Most employers stop where the law ends — the job is there when their employee returns and don’t discriminate against him for his required absences. Having an employer so committed to its community and doing the right thing is refreshing. There is always something an employer could do better, but when they go above and beyond, you definitely get a feeling of loyalty.

Off-topic:  Being ready to exercise in formation at 5:30 am is a lot harder than it used to be.


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  • Hey Bubba! Just read your most recent post. Sure sure, you SAY you don’t get phone access at the base, but is it
    just a clever ploy to not have to help at work?! Just kiddin. Hope all goes great for ya, keep in touch. :)