Week One done, five weeks to go

Week One of my Intel Analyst (96B10) at Ft. McCoy is complete.

I am back at home for the weekend on a pass. The class is going good so far I have almost completed the first two weeks of material in the first week (most done in the class so far), but will be assigned review work next week after I complete it on Monday. (They can’t just let me sit around or be at home until Phase II starts next Sunday.) We are validating the new distance learning Phase I, which in the future would be taken at home station by prospective 96B10 recruits oveer the Internet. The material is interesting and easy up until this point — except for the huge cramps in my hand from the extensive note-taking. Although having the Chief insinuate that those going fast weren’t learning the material only wanted me to prove him wrong all the more. The weekend pass was the instructors attempt to get the class back into line with the course projected timeline.

As for my diet, I have been working out at least once daily — twice when we have organized PT. I am running about 3-6 miles every day. A huge motivator is the only time I get to watch what I want to on television is in the cardio theater. If the Army had wireless internet access in the gym, I might never leave. I am also eating what I can right. My typical day is skipping the Dining Facility (DFAC) carb-laden breakfast (having a beef stick, nuts, and/or sausage at my bunk) then for lunch and dinner of 2 hamburgers (no buns, with cheese, lettuce, jalapenos) with either veggie choice or a lettuce salad. While not as good as what I might eat at home, I am certainly figuring out the secret to eating low carb at the Army DFAC. I thought for sure the combination 8 hours in front of the computer and the nuts would have been detrimental to the cause. However, I am down over 4 pounds, which brings the total lost to over 211 pounds.

The Internet situation got a bit better as one of the instructors is sharing his Internet connection wirelessly. The connection is really good in the dayroom, and even in my billets, I have a marginal connection. It is good enough for me to converse with my wife over Instant Messenger, and that simple fact alone makes the time go quickly. It gets at the number one feeling to be avoided – feeling “trapped” or disconnected. Being able to drive to Tomah and Sparta, television access while working out, Internet connectivity, and most of all the possibility of weekend pass, I literally have nothing to complain about with this training session. It could have been so much worse. I sometimes doubt this fact, but I am trying to weed out any negativity — I have been too blest.

Here’s to another upcoming successful week.


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  • Kyrandos

    My god, if only you could have seen what 14S AIT was like (Avenger Crewmember (combat arms)). Yours sounds like paradise, and is exactly the MOS I am reclassing into. I’m looking forward to it!

  • I am definitely grateful for how well the operation of this class has gone for me at least. We had the first major class reduction on Friday. It was the Situational Development test, and it was intended to be the culmination of Phase 2. About 1/3rd of class was eliminated on that one test. It was definitely not the “best of times” as you watch your classmates leave. For me personally, I have been doing excellent class work. I have more 100% than I can count on exams, and to that end, I have been called “the Oracle” by my classmates. There are certainly others though more versed in this way of working that I am, and I am just fortunate that so far it is just school work and understanding tests. If you understand the exams and the tester’s mentality, you can do well.