Phase 2 of 96b Intel Analyst complete

Well the 96b Phase 2 is now complete.

I am definitely grateful for how well the operation of this class has gone for me at least. We had the first major class reduction on Friday. It was the Situational Development test, and it was intended to be the culmination of Phase 2 classes. About 1/3rd of class was eliminated on that one test. It was definitely not the “best of times” as you watch your classmates leave. For me personally, I have been doing excellent class work. I have more 100% correct on exams than I can count, and to that end, I have been called “the Oracle” by my classmates. There are certainly others though more versed in this way of working that I am, and I am just fortunate that so far it is just school work and understanding tests. If you understand the exams and the tester’s mentality, you can do well.

The class is really about teaching you on how to think “red.” Red is terminology for the threat or in this case threat commander. The intelligence officer portrays and forecasts the enemy commander and his COA’s in the wargaming experience. Trying to wrap your mind around a foreign commander’s will or forecasting what his tactics and doctrine are leading him to do on the Battlefield is a lot more interesting than 11B or 11C MOSes. It was that forecasting of military tactics which represented the insurmountable hill for some.

As a semi-reward to myself for passing, Laura and the kids came up to Sparta, Wisconsin. I thought going tubing at the Whitetail Ridge Ski Area would be a fun idea for the family. Unfortunately I did not grasp that snow tubing is less like a lazy river or sledding, and more like Olympic bobsledding or luging. In little over a hour of tubing, my family got two sprained ankles, and I went rolling over with the tube getting bruised and battered. We were fortunate to only be sore and not injured afterwards. It was a good weekend with the family, and I only have 2 more weeks to go…


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