TechEd 2006 — on the horizon again

Teched 2006

I was able to get the authorization by my boss to attend TechEd again. There are a number of interesting server infrastructure courses that I plan on attending. Being in Boston, it is not exactly in the vacation capital of the U.S. like Orlando last year, but the former historian in me appreciates the venue. I will be especially paying a lot of attention around the Migration guru’s as I have a number questions in mind as we prepare to start evaluating our enterprise move from Novell/AD to simpler AD-only network. Before that happens, a huge number of Zenworks applications need to be moved, LDAP applications retooled, and file rights migrated from OU infrastructure to a groups. $150,000 in ongoing Novell licensing costs was just too high not be to be target to corporate cost-cutters.

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  • GiB


    I thought about going to this years Tech Ed but haven’t really truly decided if it was worth my time.. but this is somthing I can find out from the site.. on my own! :)

    But on the Novell thing.. no shit. They want everyone to still use it but charge an arm an a leg on keeping it going. When will they learn that gouging your current clients is not HELPING you stay in business. Enjoy moving to SMS and MOM. Both made one of my moves from Novell to MS AD OU much easier.

  • I read your blog ( — congratulations on the new job! That is an awesome job offer and bump in responsbility. I am sure you are ready for it, and it always encouraging to see one of the former cave trolls get their own. Good job! I agree about the licensing cost. Having unlimited Netware/Linux server licenses per user is great, but when your per user charge and software protection are through the roof. What good is it?

  • All the very best for such a huuuuuuuuge migration. Hope everything gets right and desired.

  • Dear kent

    Your blog was really informative!

    Do write in your experience about attending TechED again. Is it really good or you think that it was okay types.

    Do let me know:)

  • Hi Kent,

    What about TechEd? Did you enjoyed there in the number of server infrastructure that you were supposed to learn. Tell us something more about this!

  • [...] It is almost a foregone conclusion that I will not be going to VMworld this year in November. The budget is not there for two conferences for me this year. Since I already attended TechEd, my team lead does not think he can swing another one for me. I made sure at least one person on my team is however to attend. The breakout session list was just posted today. I can’t say I am not a bit disappointed, but I will have my work cut out for me as I study to update my VCP. [...]