Des Moines Register does an article on me :-)

Des Moines Register article

He’ll jog two miles today, running around the lake outside his work. Some days, he’ll run as much as seven miles.

“The first mile,” he says with a laugh, “that’s always the hardest. It’s called inertia. Something not in motion prefers to stay not in motion.”

He’d know.

But after a long time and more than 200 pounds, he’s gotten himself going again.

I was happy to do an article and was a bit overwhelmed by the reaction to it. The reporter did a great job although he lopped off 6 pounds off my total. :-) A lot of my former coworkers and friends have even sent their best wishes to me. That has been the best part of it — getting acquainted with old friends. I am really, really pleased by it.

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