Clustering SQL Gotcha's

I have been working on an QA, TST Microsoft SQL Single-node Cluster for work. I ran into a few gotcha’s that I thought I would pass along, so I am not the only one looking foolish or making undoable recommendations. I am not a SQL cluster newbie having cluster multiple large SQL boxes before this mini-project. What was different about this project was its test and QA status, so therefore we were going to attempt a few things you probably wouldn’t do in a Production server. Namely:

  • Multiple Instances per Virtual Server
  • Multiple Virtual Servers per LUN (whether it be on separate partitions or same partitions)
  • Multiple Service Pack versions per Cluster server

Unfortunately for my recommendations, I did not read this article or this article. I proved that you can not do option A or B. You can only have ONE instance per virtual server and ONE MS SQL Virtual Server per physical disk group. You can do multiple SP versions on a particular server, but with option A and B out, that eliminated my need for C.

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