Frustrated — Really frustrated…

First. a warning that what follows might be an overly self-pitying post. Life has the potentiality to be really frustrating right now.

First on the weight-side, Boston was an awesome time with Laura. I did come back being 6 pounds up – read 227 pounds. Since June 17, I have been working fruitlessly to take it off. Running and lifting hasn’t helped so far, but to be honest, I haven’t ran as much as I should have. (I am running about 10-15mpw currently.) There have been a number of races (like the Cedar Rapids race on the fourth and the upcoming Bix 7) that have been conflicted with other family activities — Laura would say more important activities. I really just need to get my mixed nuts intake under control and go back exercising every day. (run, cross train & lift, repeat)

One of the reasons, I have not been running is probably the most frustrating part. It’s golf. This is not the good frustration, “I am about break out if only…” This is the “I am regressing so bad that it is not worth it” frustration. I started the year shooting 58 for 9, but that is now changed to 75. I am done with league golf for the year. You play best ball with the guys, and your ball isn’t used for 5 holes straight. It is obvious that Someone is trying to tell you something.

It’s funny. I can so accept not being (or even close to) the best runner, but being the worst golfer in league is just grinding away at my desire to play. Am I being too competitive? I don’t know. I just can’t accept the failure. Running is different. Just by being out there running 2, 3, or more miles, you are doing better than most non-runners or exercisers. Golf, however, has no extra benefits, except seeing the beauty of Iowa fareways, bunkers, and ponds.


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  • I share your frustrations…both with weight AND with golf.

    Whenever I go golfing, I shoot a 102 religiously for 18 holes. If I have a great front 9, I screw up the back 9. If I have a bad front nine, I come through and play very well the last 9. Whenever I add it all up, it ALWAYS comes out to 102. Now, I know…that’s not a score to brag about, and yes, it’s frustrating to keep going out and not get any better, but I take comfort in the fact that I haven’t gotten any worse! =D

    My advice (take it for what it’s worth) is just go out, don’t think about it so much, and just hit the ball. When I was shooting higher than my 102 (a LOT higher), I was trying to hard. I was always thinking three shots ahead, and not in a good way, either.

    I still sometimes have to catch myself from doing this. Also, I have to stop myself from trying to plan the “pro shot”….you know, where you’re behind a tree on a dogleg left, and the green is 200 yards away overa creek, yet you think “I can make it from here!” Pfft! No way. lol I just swallow my pride and smack it back out to the fareway, rather than rack up another five or six hits. =D

    Golf is probably the one game that it’s impossible to master. You can be the best in the world, but unless you’re hitting a hole-in-one every time, you have room to improve, so don’t let it get you down. =D

  • Thanks Brian because misery does love company, but in order for me to shoot 102 for 18 I would have to shoot scratch the final 9. :-) I am better with my decision now, and who knows the golf bug might bite back if I have a couple good sessions at the driving range.

    On the weight issue, hitting 225 again on the scale improved that mood as well. I have been too busy new minivan shopping to consume much or unfortunately exercise. Sometimes, it just takes a vent to turn things around.

  • Hi Brian,
    I can really understand that how it feels when all your efforts go futile. Don’t worry I am sure one day you are gonna loose that extra pounds and will regain the perfect shape.

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