Atkins Diet Questions: Loose Skin

** Graphic Display of loose skin around my stomach near the end — Viewers may want to ensure a bag is available **

Today’s episode I deal with the one of the most common questions people ask me after hearing of my 200 pound weight loss. That is, “do you have much problems with loose skin?” In the end, I have to admit that I do have a bit of loose skin (I affectionately & sometime not so affectionately my “SharPei”) around my torso and legs, but it could be much worse. I could have the sheets of skin some dieters (more often low Calorie big losers) have or even worse be my original weight still living in fear of loose skin. There are times that I actually like my stretch marks as they server as reminders of what might be if I think I can lax up. It also serves as a talking point like my pathetic driver’s license does for people looking for hope, but most days I am just thankful for shirts.

There are other things that are claimed to help, but I have not tried. Cocoa Butter and Mederma are both used by pregnant women to ease the appearance of stretch marks. Additionally, I believe the content of this Diet helps in maintaining the elasticity due to protein and fat being featured. The body does not cannibalize its own resources like on other diets, and many report their skin looks as good and clear as it ever had. Good skin health implies good skin elasticity to respond to the weight loss as well.

One final theory about loose skin: HTTP://
To summarize the above link, there is no problem with loose skin, just a body fat percentage problem. I am at 11-12% body fat, so maybe I need to drop another 2-3 percent yet too. In either case, plastic surgery may be for some people, but it’s not for me. My good friend, Jimmie Moore, also has a discussion of this loose skin problem on his low carb blog. In some respect, the hanging fat is a badge of honor of how far we have come. Sometimes though it would be nice to be less noteworthy and more normal.

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  • Kathy

    Hi Kent!

    I have about 80 pounds to lose and I’m still a little worried about loose skin. I just started with a trainer here in Scottsdale (AZ). Her name is Mina. This lady lost over 100 pounds of fat in about 11 months and not only doesn’t have any excess fat, but she’s got 6 pack abs! I’ve scotch taped her pictures all over my house just to keep me MOTIVATED! Go check her out. Just google her name Mina Hobbi. Good luck to us ALL! :-)