Cheating: Is it inevitable

I am not entirely happy with this video. I had crashes and technical difficulties the other two times I recorded it, so I wanted to upload this one at least.

This video is in response to cynics saying you can’t live a life without cheating or that it is unrealistic to expect that. That surely one can expect one day of “good eating.” My whole point on this diet that I am allowed to good food all the time, and having treat days once again puts you into food=reward fallacy. In the end for me at least, I’d be certainly on pathway back to starting weight.

This said let me just reiterate what the video says is that there is no gold watch for cheat free living. I simply can only recommend what my and the numerous Atkineers I have observed produces the best long term success stories. For additional information on this topic, check out these posts by Jimmy Moore and the response by myself. This issue is by no means cut and dried for those at goal or in the latter rungs. Here is how I closed my last post and it is still valid today:

In the end, it just comes down to knowing thyself, and acting accordingly. If you can plan and limit yourself to one meal or one day and that those foods still give you pleasure, having that control is a wonderful thing.

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  • Funny I was just in a thread (on about this very topic last night and this morning, and then by chance looking at something entirely different I found your blog post tonight.

    Knowing yourself… is what matters, you’re right.

    Of course, that complicates things a bit when people on community forums ask questions and get answers from others. :-)

  • Yep, I’d agree with you there. There is a community dynamic on most forums, and the responses are usually framed by that. I know on ADBB we are entirely anti-cheat, and others are more accomodating. I can simply recommend based upon what I personally experienced and common sense. I know others are certainly more tolerant that I would be.