Atkins Diet & Exercise: It's Non-Negotiable (Part 1)

In this video, I deal with the misconception of exercise and the low carb lifestyle and my recommendations on whether or not to start exercise while doing the initial 14-Day Induction. My recommendation will probably be surprising to some especially considering my current commitment to exercise. It is probably a response to being a super-heavyweight loser (more than 100 pounds to lose) and my case of Induction flu. Someone, who has much less to lose and is not bothered by Induction Flu, should consider exercise as soon as possible. Focus on getting your eating under control first for you have the rest of your life to learn the joy of exercise.

Exercise is definitely a necessity. Your long term success depends upon the lessons and making a habit out of it. At best during Induction, you should learn the frequency of it (at least 3-4 times per week) if not the length. In getting the ritual of exercise down, you allow your body the opportunity to expand and burgeon into an exercise fanatic.

Like a motto found at ADBB says:
“The Atkins Diet will make you look good. The Atkins Diet plus Exercise will make you look good naked.”

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  • I just finished reading “slow burn” by the Eades and… um, the other guy. Dismissing the layers of oversimple (written for dolts, like most things in our country) and marketing hype sort of ‘infused’ into much of it, the basic info was very interesting to me.

    I’m beginning this tomorrow. Or rather, beginning what ever version of this I can do, which is probably none, but I hold the hope that even attempting to do it regularly will still be a great muscle workout. Have you tried that?

  • I have not tried that specific one, but I am convinced that this diet is the best one for maintaining muscle and preventing loss common in other diets. Eating enough protein is important, but you do need to like you said do it regularly as well. Your muscles will indeed respond to being used and your weightloss will only benefit from it.

  • Yeah, exercise is important. I think that, just like dieting, you have to find what works for you. Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, whatever. With exercising, what works best for me is cardio and calisthenics while watching TV. When going outside or to a health club or whatever, there’s just nothing to keep the mind distracted and I start thinking about all the negative aspects of my life and get depressed, but maybe that’s just me.

    Looking good naked is something to really shoot for, but for some of us, it will never happen. With our asymmetrical, mutant bodies, people will run and scream regardless of how much we diet and exercise.

  • I agree that it is very personal what works in terms of exercise. Looking good (naked), however, is possible, so much of that is in the eye of beholder. I might never be a model or be featured in GQ with the stretchmarks, but my wife certainly appreciates the differences. Take solace that you are indeed looking better, and take pride that you are doing something about it.

  • hanny

    very motivating, especially the part about ‘being like a baby’, thanks for speaking these wonderfull eyeopeners!