Lieberman Tools: "We go above and beyond"

Let me start this post out with a bit of praise for Lieberman Tools, namely User Manager Pro, Service Account Manager, and Task Scheduler Pro. We purchased these tools to assist us in managing our 375 servers. User Manager Pro, which coincidentally is probably the worst named program ever, UMP assists us in managing not only accounts or groups but also registry settings and push/run applications (the ability to push files and run an application. In that regard, it is like PSExec on steroids. These tools go along way to reducing the need for building scripts to manage your environment.

This is all fine and good when the tools work rationally or as they should. Random Password Manager happened to be their product which malfunctioned. Here’s the background of what we were trying to do: reset the default administrator account back to administrators and to a common password. This account would then be able to be changed routinely every 30-60 days or as needed. We used the other Lieberman tools to discover where the default administrator was being used for services, scheduled tasks, COM+ applications, or installed applications. User Manager Pro worked well for this task, but RPM was supposed to much easier. I had the Lieberman rep on the line with me working through the install and using it for the first time.

We filtered the list of servers down to 9 test servers that we had gained approval to do. I highlighted the servers and kicked the task off to run. It however did run against only 9 servers (like all their other products would have), but against every server it had discovered. Luckily, it hadn’t discovered all the servers yet. It had however discovered 220 of them, and it had changed 178 of them. 178 systems now needed to be validated for problems or lack of them. It was definitely not the best of times as I was called throughout the night as new issues arose. The vendor has already changed the tool to fix the bug, but I am still required to respond to any issues this weekend. It was a lesson again about how Murphy can liven up and mess with plans. My wife and I did develop a new game — what should Lieberman Software motto be. Some initial ideas were:

  • “We work harder” – an homage to Avis
  • “We go above and beyond”
  • “We won’t stop until you freak out”
  • “Our software is really fast… I bet you wish the cleanup was as fast.”
  • “Our bugs make life interesting.”

I don’t fault them too much for their software’s problem. It did perhaps get us to our final state quicker than expected for the servers that did not have issues, but those sorts of gains are hard on one’s reputation.

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  • Hi Kent,

    I just heard about what happened in your demo and I consider the problems you ran into totally unacceptable. Please accept my sincere apologies for the problems you encountered and be assured that the dev team will correct these issues immediately.

    When it comes to management tools, excellent product quality and reputation are the most important attributes we have, and when things are not right we take it very seriously.

    Please be assured that we will do everything humanly possible to assist you and also we will immediately correct the problem you encountered in our product. Brad will be back to you in the next few days with a new version of the product that will resolve these issues.

    We would be more than willing to assist you in the cleanup, and can provide these services immediately. You are right, that we do try harder and work harder for our customers than any other management software vendor out there!

    Thanks for your patience!

    Philip Lieberman
    Lieberman Software Corporation

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