TarryBlogging: Viridian vs ESX – I.E. vs. Netscape

TarryBlogging – Virtualization For Everyone: VMTN Discussion: Microsoft pulling the 90′s trick on VMware?

I’d hate to start any wars. Heck on the virtualization space we are already at war for quite some time!
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As the original author said, Viridian will not be out until most likely 2H2008. They have been very vocal though on what features (some very cool – hot adding CPU/memory programmatically) it will include. VMware, however, doesn’t have to play that game, and has been keeping their cards pretty close to the vest. Shoot, we don’t even know when ESX 3.0.2 is coming out. Being in the lead, it certainly has that prerogative. It just makes long term forecasting difficult for those not behind NDA. The only solution is make decisions based upon current product set and which product sets currently meet your needs. Waiting for the next product or feature leads you into decision making paralysis.

The Netscape-IE argument holds up though. One of the reasons, Netscape suffered its decline was its failure to continue improvements and demonstrate marketable differences from IE after the 4.x release of the product. There was no business reason to stick with the product. Netscape certainly did not maintain its lead and led to encroachment in its market share. For an alternative look at what might happen, Firefox was able to recapture the feature/security lead, and it took market share aware from the near monopolized leader. That really is current situation with Microsoft playing the role of Mozilla/Firefox. Was I.E. 7.0 and the security improvements too late? For VMware, it certainly could revolve around fixing its own security issues, for example developing an enterprise ESX host patch solution, or extending its own technical lead, such as Dmotion between 3.x hosts or improving their HA solution.

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  • Carmelo Lisciotto

    Never was a big fan of VMWare… Sorta of reminds me of Citric Terminal servers about 6 years ago. The buzz of the industry magazines, etc. But when you rarely saw any high volume usage.

    I don’t see VMWARE as truly living up to the hype from a practical standpoint, I didn’t see it in blade servers either…

    Carmelo Lisciotto