70-620 – Passed (Did I really need to know about RSS?)

Not being one to endure patiently waiting for test day to arrive, I passed the 70-620 exam with 930 yesterday, and in retrospect, I am still wondering why I took the exam. My original reasoning was I wanted to learn Vista better if only for home or myself since work probably won’t be deploying it for years. I don’t even work as much with desktop issues anymore outside my children having issues. Perhaps some of it was certification withdrawal since my last one was VMware VI3 VCP last year.

That all said, this was test on the difficulty level of A+. I am not breaking any new ground when I say it focuses on end user experience (RSS, IE7, etc.) and the new features of Vista. I am now well versed in Parental Controls now and features of a browser I haven’t touched since Firefox was released. I primarily used BosonMichael (Michael Aldridge) and Jaynonymous(Josh Evitt) Vista Study Guide, which certainly was sufficient to pass the exam. It was very readable book, and teaches everything on the exam and more. (For example it delves into automated deployment and user account management).

Well, one more cert under the belt – MCTS. I hope the Vista in the Enterprise exam (70-622) is a bit more challenging. Perhaps some of my discouragement was the ease of the exam. I remember testing for 70-210, the original Windows 2000 Professional exam and my gateway exam to Microsoft cert. While my perspective has changed with additional knowledge, 70-210 featured some difficult concepts of RIS, DHCP Relay, and was a more enterprise-related test. To top it off, the MCTS and MCITP certificates are generic with no specialization or title on them, so the MCITP I receive for passing 70-622 (knock on wood) will look exactly the same as for Longhorn. Getting a generic MCTS certificate for this exam is an insult to everyone who upgrades their MCSA for Longhorn. That needless to say really irritates me.

Where am I going next with my certification? I am going to quickly do ITIL-Foundations exam (BH0-001) and Microsoft 70-622 – Desktop Support in the Enterprise.

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  • Kent- Congratulations for clearing high level Microsoft Certification.

  • Jon

    I feel the same way, Kent. 70-620 was laughably easy. I, too, hope that 70-622 is more of a challenge. Coincidentally, I used the same Sybex study guide that you did and, yes, it covers a lot of topics that aren’t covered in 70-620. Take a look at the exam objectives for 70-622, though, and you’ll see that they’re all there. Sybex could’ve just added a bit more information and called it a 70-620/70-622 combo exam. Anyways, I feel fairly confident about passing 70-622 now (even without a new study guide) because I learned most of the topics in the 70-620. Anyways, I just wanted to point that out to you if you hadn’t noticed.

  • CharlesD

    I’ve taken the 70-621 (combo of 70-620 and 622 and MCDST upgrade) twice and failed twice (I’m embrassed to say), didn’t do much studying as I felt comfortable with Vista. However I soon learned that everything about this exam, is what we won’t allow at my work place. No RSS, no streaming video, nothing to do with media player, etc. So have to do it at home. To me the exam felt more like support for home users than it did for enterprise users. I did extremely well on the Vista configuration portion and like bowolf, I used my good friend BosonMichael (Michael Aldridge) and BosonJosh (Josh Evitt)(and their friends) book and it was excellent reading, and the cd in the back of the book was also excellent. Normally I throw those cd’s away as they tend ot be just garbage, but not this one by Sybex. The 70-622 Sybex book is just as good written by Eric Johnson & Eric Beehler but I had not begun to read it before failing the 2nd time, which the enterprise support section seems to be my downfall, but I don’t know why, as it seemed the questions were clear and so were the answers. I do have eye problems and have a tendency to swap/switch words in a sentence (which is a pain – one reason why I retired from law enforcement). I’m planning on a retake before Christmas if I can ever squeeze in enough study time. Having too much fun working with 2008 Server and beta testing Boson ExSim Max I guess.

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  • I still think that, regardless of the ease of the exam, that you definitely did something that would be helpful to you in the future. VISTA is now Microsoft’s big push, and whether we like it or not it will be used everywhere and somehow what you’ve done (and are doing) is going to pay off well for you. Of course, rumour has it that Microsoft are already working on the next version of Windows. I think they should spend all their time making this one work, but that might just be me.