70-648 Beta Passed! Thoughts from a certified cert addict…

I took 71-648 exam on August 3 primarily just to get a heads-up on what the upcoming exams would look like (simulations, type of questions, etc.). In retrospect, one with MCSE in 2003 should only need to take 70-649, but that wasn’t explicitly clear to me when I took the exam. My plan was to take that beta a few days later, but that time the beta period was over.

To be honest, the only real time I spent with Server 2008 was at TechEd this year in Orlando in the hands on lab. I did a number of the scenarios and attended a number of sessions on the changes for the upcoming operating system — the Branch Office updates and the AD changes were probably the most interesting. I really think Server 2008 has a number of features, like password policy granularity and Read Only Domain Controllers (RODC), which should make it a candidate for advocating early adoption (pre-SP1).

I took the exam, and it was a lot like 70-292, i.e. focused largely on the new features of Server 2008. There were of course the questions that had been around since 70-215, such as authorizing your DHCP subnets. My NDA probably prevents much further discussion, but my impression was the exam wasn’t that difficult. It was definitely harder than 70-620, but that is not saying much. It was probably on target with the difficulty of 70-290 and 70-215 exams. There were a number of questions that I had no clue on like IPV6 questions and some new features, but with a lot of questions a little bit of common sense or test taking skills (eliminate the obvious wrong answers) helped significantly.

In passing the exam, I now have 2 more MCTS certifications along with the Vista certification. They are:
* Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration
* Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure Configuration

One word on the MCTS certifications that I have received in the mail, the first one from the Welcome Kit was the most plain jane, small cert I have ever seen. It is generic, and doesn’t even reference the specific area that I am certified. I did however receive the Charter Member certification for Vista a few weeks later, and that was a complete 180 degree with gold trim and nice looking cert to hang on your wall. Where to go from here? I am still working on 70-622 and get my MCITP certification although studying in light of marathon training and recovery has been slower than usual. I do anticipate finishing before the end of the year, but with the enterprise months away from deploying Vista, training for a May marathon seems more urgent and fun. :-D

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  • I have no clue what any of this means but you sound happy. so… Congrats??

    I hope that is appropriate!! Hee hee.

    I am still hacking but did my very first ever hill work out today. Only about 60 seconds x 5 but it is a start. I’m just sure that I am stronger already :D

  • You are more of runner than I am, Nancy. I am too chicken to do hills yet or what my neighbors might think of me. I have a big hill in my neighborhood that would be perfect for it except for the fact it is lined with houses filled with people. I am going to have start if I am going to run Bix 7 with CoffeeBetsy this year though.

    PS It is always appropriate to congratulate me. :-D

  • I’m with you, Nancy – I understood about 10% of what Kent was saying there. But I’m happy for you, anyway, Kent! :) Now we just need to get Nancy go make the drive to Davenport for the Bix, too. All the cool kids are doing it!

  • CharlesD

    Well I’m glad to see the nice certificates are back. I complained bitterly about my double blue MCSE 2000 certificate. I was almost embrassed to hang the dang thing in a frame, but heck, I worked hard for the cert.

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