On the clock again – VMware Enterprise Administration Exam scheduled

In a quest to prove I am never busy enough, I am “on the clock” for taking the VMware Enterprise Administration Exam on June 9th in Chicago, IL. Ever since getting my VCP in 2.x days, that certification and technology has been probably one of my keenest areas to stay versed and up to date. To that end, I have pestered my VMware TAM when the VCDX certification was going to be released to the public. It certainly will separate the wheat from the chaff in terms of those who brain-dumped their way to certification and those who actually know the technology.

To that end, there are 4 hoops to pass to get that level of certification:

  • Must be certified as a VMware Certified Professional (VCP) on VMware Infrastructure 3. (Done – October 30th, 2006)
  • Pass the VMware Enterprise Administration Exam. Includes live labs and tests a higher level of skill set than the exam for VCP on VMware Infrastructure 3. — Scheduled June 9th.
  • Pass the VMware Design Exam. This exam focuses on actual design scenarios and contains simulations and situational questions. – Intended to be released Late May
  • Submit, present and defend a successful VMware Infrastructure design and implementation plan. – Details not released yet.

Here’s the details, I have been able to glean so far on my prospective exam:

  • 100 questions on the exam
  • There is a mix of scenario questions and a number of live lab items
  • List price $400 (although those attending the event testing were offered $50 discount)

My study guide is the exam blueprint that was posted earlier. It looks heavily focused on the command line and items from the DSA class. While I personally have not taken the course, a coworker just got back from it. His material should round out any missing knowledge set that 5 years of working with technology hasn’t exposed me to yet, such as configuring centralized logging. Overall, I think this exam (especially due to its lack of public information — I had to even ask how much the exam was) will definitely be challenging.

Of course I thought that going into Microsoft 70-646 beta as well, which I just got my score report (933 out of 1000). The difference is this one is live and there is no way to fake knowledge in a practicum. If you want to join the fun, fill out the VCDX skills survey on the VMware myLearn page.

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