With coming home from VMworld, I got inspired to finally do what I have meant to do for awhile — separate my eclectic blog.  I have seen the problem for awhile that while my URL for this blog features network administration and virtualization the actual blog does not.  It used to until my Youtube career or habit depending on your perspective developed, and then this blog became an amalgamation of a number of different topics.  After today that is different.  I have started a new blog for my weight loss and exercise events called, Atkins Diet Geek (

The new blog should feature the same content that the old weight loss/exercise categories.  My hope is this help the reader find the information they wanted easier, and encourage me to blog again on more topics than just what videos I have produced.


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  • Hi, I sent you a linkedin message about my position in No. VA. earlier; meanwhile I stumbled upon your blog for the address on your resume. I am a health/nutrition/exercise junkie as it sounds you are, as well. Have you tried P90X? It would be a great complement to your training.

    • admin

      Sorry, not looking for a position elsewhere at this time. I did P90x twice up to day 73 once and day 45, but trying to train for a marathon at the same time burnt me out. My daughter just completed one series and just restarted another series with my son. I do them occassionally with them, but just can’t commit to doing 1 hour every day.