The joys of the web — I am out of touch

I have just realized how out of touch that I actually am with some of the funniest things that have ever hit the web. It may because it is 1 am, and anything more entertaining than picking out random words from the dictionary seems like the funniest thing ever. Yes even funnier than scamming African 419 scammers that I posted about previously.

I had no idea what the “Star Wars Kid” was. From the main site with all the videos:

The Star Wars Kid is a 15-year-old from Quebec known only as Ghyslain — his parents are keeping his last name secret to protect his identity. Back in November 2002, Ghyslain was goofing off at a school video studio and recorded himself fighting a mock battle with a broomstick lightsaber. Over two minutes, the video shows the lone, overweight teenager twirling his mock lightsaber ever faster while making his own accompanying sound effects.

The video is ABSOLUTELY hilarious as are the clone spinoffs of it. Do yourself a favor and see it if you haven’t.

The only thing I have laughed more to lately is the following MP3, called Terrible Mr G. It is a recording mix of a bunch of guys playing CounterStrike and how intense it might get. While I may never get to be as vulgar, I can certainly relate when playing Enemy Territory and getting killed constantly. Listen to it today or watch the video (also very funny). In the words of SomberSusie perhaps it is time to put the game away.


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  • Q

    Well…lol…I can see that I have grown a lot in my reactions, especially when the kids are around! But that is indeed so true…some of these players are just so intense and so aggressive. That would be me uninhibited, but nowadays, I am sooo relaxed…