Feedster and "Blog of the Day"

Scott Johnson and the search engine Feedster have made my blog “Blog of the Day.” I like it. :-) While making an entry about Feedster wasn’t a requirement for selection, blog search engines have been a topic of interest lately. Feedster is really the top of blog search engines. I have only verified the search results against a couple blogs I am interested, but the results had all current entries indexed up to a couple hours ago and has number of cool features. They were much more up-to-date and accurate than a respective Google search. I also really like the feature of being able to create an RSS feed of a particular search and receive search results through my personal RSS aggregator.

One thing currently missing on Feedster is a blog cosmos (how blogs link to each other) function, but according to Scott, it is in testing. As for suggestions for improvements, I wish the corporate news feeds would be removed or the user would have a search option for just non-commercial entries. For example, Novell has a number of RSS feeds, and all those feeds are all indexed daily. If Google is spammed with blog results, then Feedster might be spammed with non-blog results.


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  • Hi there,

    Actually making your blog mention (or even support) Feedster has nothing to do with it. I put you in just because you were kind enough to let us know you exist and we thought your content was “spot on” as I’d say if I was british (I’m not).

    You did, however, inspire us to create new Feedster buttons people can adorn their blogs with (coming later today).

    Thansk man. Good idea also and I’ll see what I can do about that.

  • Hi there! I just entered my site in GeoURL and noticed that you’re my closest neighbor! Just wanted to say hello!

  • Thanks for the kind words Scott. I appreciate the feedback. It is kind of interesting to see the “feedster effect” in my logs. Not quite the Slashdot effect, but still an improvement over the average per day.

    You have quite the interesting site Monkey. I am poking my nose around it and am impressed.

  • TOC and Search

    Thanks to Bowulf for the pointer to Feedster’s Tools for the Blog Author. Because of it, I now have search (upper right) and a Table of Contents (menu above) for