Football – Fantasy, Dolphins, and Madden-style

Now that I have had my existence relegated to about 300 sq feet due to my knee, I have been gearing up for the upcoming NFL season. I have participated in fantasy football leagues the last 7 seasons, running a league in 4 of them. I am hoping to have another fun league (no money) for coworkers or blog readers this year. It should be a lot of fun even for people who haven’t played before. If interested in participating in the first annual Bowulf Infosec fantasy football league, please contact me.

SomberSusie also took pity on my hapless state, and braved the Best Buy crowds by herself to purchase Madden 2004. Instead of playing mouse-intensive FPS like Enemy Territory, I have been playing the upcoming Miami Dolphins season. It is amazing how much more bearable 5 hours straight of cartoons are when engrossed in playing Madden. Being a huge Miami Dolphins fan, I am highly interested in Jay Fiedler-Brian Griese tandem this year. However, it looks like that controversary ended before it started with Brian’s play and recent toe injury.

Remember if you are interested in joining the Bowulf Infosec fantasy football league, contact me before September 1.


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