November 03, 2003

Security concerns and network design implications

Network design for Infosec concerns

An edge approach to managing and securing WLANs is defined as the deployment of many small, specialized appliances to authenticate and secure each subnet of a network. A centralized approach, on the other hand, is defined as deploying software or appliances on more robust servers to secure and manage the entire network from one centralized network data center.
Article details a best practice guide to wireless infrastructure design and placement of components. It is a pretty good read -- policy centric and technology light.

Security Considerations for Layer 3 Switches

Heightened awareness of security issues on the part of IT administrators is, for the most part, a good thing. But there is a downside -- it has pushed vendors to integrate security into products ad infinitum. In the switching world, newly added features of layer 3 routing switches are starting to make these products resemble firewalls. Although the idea of having one box perform both switching and firewall functions seems advantageous, it is not that simple.
How easy would it be to think all security additions would be positive ones. This articles points out that technology for technology sake does not always make the security administrator's life easier. Focus should rather be on the administration and effectively managing. Cool security features improperly implemented only restrict availability without improving confidentiality or integrity.

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