April 28, 2004

Judging SQL server performance - how can you judge what to consolidate

myITforum.com : Most useful counters for SQL Server performance monitoring

This performance - tuning article is provided to inform database administrators on how to configure database server for maximum performance and help determine the cause of poor performance in a SQL Server environment. It also provides DBAs with guidance on how to use SQL Server and / or Microsoft Windows performance counters for analyzing the database server performance.

This document is organized into three parts:
* The first section introduce all SQL Server 2000 performance monitoring objects;
* Second section quickly introduce Windows NT performance monitoring objects;
* Finally, last section, provides the most critical SQL Server / Windows operating system performance - tuning counter to focus on;

This is an excellent article on how to conduct performance analysis on a SQL server. In an age of server consolidation, knowing how to judge what SQL servers should be consolidated together goes further than just judging processor utilization and memory pages/sec. I highly recommend reading this article.

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